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Forum Rules
Forum rules

User rules:
1, No offensive usernames
2. No sexual content in signature/username and/or Avatar.
3. Only ONE Banner in signature!
4. Advertising is bannable (Check rule 3)
5. You keep all responsibility of your post, signatures, profile information. 
6. Advertising of a website, that is not PG-13 or has sexual content in it is bannable!(This includes signatures, private messages, posts etc.)
Also websites that is not related to minecraft, or forum itself might get your signature suspended.

Administration keeps privilege to ban anyone without warning or explanation, if needed.

Posting rules:
1. No offensive language/racism in threads/posts
2. No cursing
3. Talks about hacking (excluded "catching hacker" forum)
4. Spamming

Administration keeps privilege to ban/remove posts for anyone without warning or explanation, if needed.

Those are simple rules of User's and Posting on a forum
We hope everyone keeps forums clean!
HardlessPVP Team

Edit notes:
Added rule nr 6, because of a lot suspisious behavior on forums. (11.09.2017)
Edited user rules.
First a spark, then a flame, now a fire... WE EXPLODE

HardlessPVP-Staff member
Admin of Factions and Creative. Community Administrator


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