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I'm Floyd. I'm one of the main administrators of creative server and one of a staff member of HardlessPvP network and also Forum Administrator.
I'm playing Minecraft since early alfa versions, with some breaks in between. And i worked as web-developer for 2 years. Which includes a lot of monitoring and observing how people and websites interact with each other!

Why am i one of the main administrators on creative?
I'm more as a community administrator and creative server is more as free for all server. It is to let community for itself. 

What is my goal on creative?
My goal on creative to keep community organized and solve inner conflicts between players. And make sure there aren't any inappropriate builds on creative server.

I'm inviting everyone with open hands to join creative. If you stand out, you might have a chance to become our Builder for HardlessPVP!
First a spark, then a flame, now a fire... WE EXPLODE

HardlessPVP-Staff member
Admin of Factions and Creative. Community Administrator


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